Diamond Shapes


It's brilliant. It's priceless. It's rare.... Just like true love.

There's no other gemstone that says so many beautiful things about a woman. Nothing that can thrill and delight a woman quite as much.

The word Diamond comes from the Greek word 'adorns', which means unconquerable. And when it comes to sheer beauty, a diamond is truly unconquerable.

Diamonds were first unearthed in India. Through the centuries, the country has borne some of the biggest beauties like the famed 'Kohinoor'. Diamonds have been worshipped for their mystical and spiritual properties even said to possess healing powers, but most of all they have been seen, over the centuries, as the most beautiful symbol of love. Besides, what's that they say about diamonds being a woman's best friend? For over a century, one name has come to be synonymous with diamonds. De Beers. Established in 1888, De Beers is the oldest and largest diamond mining company in the world. It also sorts, classifies and values most of the world's uncut gem diamonds. Internationally, De Beers is famous for its signature line,

"A diamond is forever."

HOW DO I BUY A DIAMOND? Choosing the right ieweller.

A good jeweller should be both knowledgeable and generous with advice and help.

 Someone who will take the time to lead you carefully through the 4Cs - your guide to every diamond's quality and value that you'll find overleaf. A jeweller who'll give you the right information and help to choose the right style and design. Visit several and you'll, soon sense where service, knowledge and selection all harmonize. However, finding the right jeweller can be as simple as asking friends or relatives.

where they have found buying diamonds a pleasure. When you've selected the right jeweller, he will help you choose the diamond that's as perfect match for your dreams.

Choosing the perfect piece.

the right jewellery can be a nightmare, but it disappears once you realize that diamonds'' are the only answer. Now it's

 time to choose - the perfect piece and you'll never go wrong with classic pieces like the diamond ring, diamond ear studs or a diamond nose ring.

A good jeweller will have orange from which you should easily find your idea of heaven. With the help of the 4Cs,

the jeweller will show you its characteristics and value, so you'll know you've got real value for your money. And, picking the right piece will become so simple the moment you see that exquisite masterpiece sparkle in your hand.

Priceless in quality. Not price.

The rarest gift - it's well within your reach. Surprised ? It's true. Part of the mystiqiire of diamonds has always been its price.

 Thought to be unaffordable, desired by many, acquired only by a few. Walk into a showroom and you'll know it's only a myth. You'll find as many prices to choose from as you'll find diamonds.

Spend wisely. It's tricky because no two diamonds are alike. Indeed, rough diamonds are sorted by De Beers into over 5000 grades before they are cut and polished. So be aware of what you are buying. Two diamonds of the same size may vary widely in quality. And if a price looks too good to be true, you can be sure it probably is.

WHAT MAKES A DIAMOND SO SPECIAL ? Created at the very dawn of time.

Diamonds are the oldest gemstone in creation.Many were born in the fiery depths of the earth over 3 billion years ago.

The hardest substance known to man.

No other natural substance con match the hardness of a diamond which is 2000 times harder than either rubies or sapphires - 3000 times harder than man-made imitations such as synthetic cubic zirconia.

Rare and elusive.

No other gemstone is so hard to find or difficult to mine.

 Indeed, the larger the diamond, the rarer it can be. A three carat diamond, for example, can cost up to seven times more than a one carat diamond of equal colour and clarity and only one polished diamond in a thousand is over one carat.

A natural beauty beyond imitation.

No two diamonds can ever be the same. 

Each is unique. Endowed with a personality and character all its own. A complex blend of subtle characteristics that cannot be imitated. The brilliance, the sparkle, the dance of light and colour released from every diamond is the miraculous reflection of the very fires of creation.


So now you're set. There's absolutely nothing that can match the magic, the fire, the brilliance of diamonds. There's just no other gemstone that says so many beautiful things about a woman more eloquently than any words. Without doubt, diamonds are the most cherished and longed for token of love.